Video Clips

We present here a series of short video clips that give evidence of the truth of God’s Word in the areas of Science, Creation, Noah’s Flood, Archaeology, History, Theology, and Prophecy.

  1. ICR That’s A Fact –
  2. Creation Moments Minute –
  3. Creation Ministries InternationalCreation Videos, Creation Clips, and DVD Previews.
    e.g. Fallout! – Students explain why they left or remained in church
  4. Reasons For Hope (Carl Kerby) – Two Minute Teaching video clips.
  5. Answers in Genesis (AIG) Short Videos – More short video clips by AIG.
  6. Answers in Genesis (AIG) Videos – Large list of short video clips by AIG.
  7. Creation Today with Eric Hovind – Creation Minute one-minute video clips.
  8. David Rives Ministries Short Videos –
  9. Short Answers to Big Questions using short videos from RZIM in Canada.
  10. Answers to Questions on Real Truth Real Quick using five-minute videos produced by Watermark Community Church.
  11. Take A Stand! Ministriesvideo clips by Eric Barger.
  12. Creation Training InitiativePromotional video clips by Mike Riddle.
  13. Summit MinistriesPromotional video clip.
  14. The Masters Seminary – Archived TMS video clips.
  15. Genesis ApologeticsDebunking Evolution Series.
    1. Short video clips – Debunking Evolution video clips.
    2. How Do Dinosaurs Fit Into The Bible?-
    3. Lucy Debunked in 11 Minutes –
  16. Truth In Love – Video clip from Pastor Shahram Hadian’s message on Chrislam Exposed.
  17. Discovery Institute – Video clip Trailer on Revolutionary by Michael Behe.
  18. Moment of Truth video clips by Mark Champneys, an ex-Mormon.
  19. Miscellaneous video clips:
    1. God’s Creations – Focus on the BIG Picture
  20. more to come …

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