Regional Groups

Regional Groups in the Northwest

p-csabc_bkgServing BC churches since 1967, the Creation Science Association of British Columbia (CSABC) is focused on battling the evolutionary worldview and promoting creation as described in the Bible. Our association provides speakers who will be glad to address meetings at churches, schools, civic functions, etc.


p-DSA_bkgThe Design Science Association (DSA) exists to defend the authority of the Bible, communicate the abundant scientific evidence for creation, encourage others who share an interest in the examination of science, and to explore the implication of design in the natural world.


p-FIGI_bkgThe Foundations In Genesis of Idaho, also known as (FIGI), is a science organization that hosts adult and children’s science seminars and geological field adventures. The mission of Foundations in Genesis of Idaho/Oregon is to equip people to know how to defend the biblical worldview as related to science, origins, history and precepts for living and to teach all who ask the harmony between Biblical revelation and the scientific understanding of the Creation.


p-ICS_bkgThe Institute for Creation Science (ICS) conducts scientific research and facilitates lectures, forums, and educational programs for the purpose of promoting biblical creation science and biblical apologetics. ICS also sponsors scientific and biblical research within the fields of creation science and biblical apologetics. Meeting format consists of live and video programs by knowledgeable creation science and Christian apologetic presenters followed by Question & Answer/Discussion periods.

Tri-Cities Creation Science Club – Mark Finkbeiner … TBD.



p-swwaa_bkgThe South West Washington Apologetics Association (SWWAA) was formed to assist people, pastors and churches with training and support in biblical principles. One of the ways that we aim to encourage and support Christians in the South West Washington area is by organizing monthly public meetings. These meetings are open to everyone. We are very grateful that the pastor and members of Calvary Chapel, Longview and Kelso, have offered their premises for our meetings, which will take place usually on the 3rd Tuesday of each month.

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