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Studies done by Answers In Genesis (AIG), documented in recent books Already Gone and Already Compromised, show that more than 60% of youth raised in the church leave the church once they leave home. The main reasons are 1) they are looking for more answers to their hard questions, and 2) they are being indoctrinated in secularism and evolutionism. There are a number of organizations in the Northwest that provide a forum for lectures for those interested in Christian/Creation/Worldview Apologetics. These include:

Local Groups [Greater Seattle Area]:

  1.  The Apologetics Forum of Snohomish County (AFSC) – meets in Arlington, WA on the fourth Friday of the month.
  2. The Apologetics Symposium – meets in Bothell, WA on the third Thursday of the month.
  3. The Creation Association of Puget Sound (CAPS) – meets in various churches in the Seattle area.

Creation Learning Centers [WA State]:

  1. Northwest Treasures & Geology Learning Center (GLC) – hosts Creation Tours and offers Geology classes for home schoolers in Mountlake Terrace, WA. Next event “Moving Mountains! – a GLC Gala” to be held on Saturday, November 7th.
  2. Mount St. Helens Creation Center (MSHCC) – offers tours of Mount St. Helens and hosts Creation/Apologetics meetings at the Center.

Regional Groups [Northwest Area]:

  1. Creation Science Association of British Columbia (CSABC) – provides Creation Apologetics speakers in BC.
  2. Design Science Association (DSA) – meets in Portland, WA on the 3rd Saturday of the month.
  3. Foundations In Genesis of Idaho/Oregon (FIGI) – meets in three different cities in ID and OR on the last weekend of the month.
  4. Institute for Creation Science (ICS) – meets in Portland, OR on the fourth Sunday of the month.
  5. Southwest Washington Apologetics Association (SWWAA) – meets in Longview, WA on the third Tuesday of the month.

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