Volunteer Task List

We have identified the following tasks (also listed here) which could be done to meet the objectives of AFSC. Some of these tasks will be performed by AFSC Board members. Other tasks can be performed by volunteers. Let an AFSC Board member know if you wish to volunteer for one of these tasks.

  1. WEBSITE DESIGN/BUILD: AFSC uses the popular WordPress application to build and maintain the AFSC website. The structure of the website is pretty well settled. We can always use some more help to enter content on the website. Work is proceeding on adding content to the Evidence and Speaker web pages. WordPress experience is not required.
  2. WINDOWS ON APOLOGETICS” MESSAGES: Compile a list of sources for meeting “tidbits” such as video trailers, testimonies, etc. that can be presented at meetings before the lecture. The major Creation organizations (AIG, CMI, ICR) offer some of these. We could feature an Apologetics event or news item. Providing an answer to an Apologetics question would also fit in here. Book/DVD/Movie review is another one. Promotion of a local Apologetics group or event.
  3. PUBLICITY: Create Posters, Flyers, Bulletin Inserts, and Announcement Sliders from existing event descriptions for distribution to interested churches and other parties. Compile a list of event calendars in local newspapers and online websites for sending AFSC meeting announcements to. Maintain a list of church and school leaders who need to be informed of upcoming AFSC meetings.
  4. SOCIAL MEDIA: AFSC has signed up and put in place the infrastructure to support the following Social Media – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Google+ and Pinterest. Develop a strategy for the use of social media for improved publicity.
  5. EXHIBITORS: Having exhibitors present at AFSC meetings gives attendees one more reason to come to the meetings. We now have Geology Learning Center, CAPS book table, and Faith Alive book table coming. We should look for others to invite.
  6. CAMERA(WO)MAN: We might want to find someone to take pictures of some meetings so that they can be posted to the AFSC website.
  7. VIDEO/AUDIO RECORDINGS: The lectures have been recorded in audio and in video. The recordings need to be uploaded to the AFSC website for easy listening and viewing. Might want to offer the recordings on CDs/DVDs in the future [as done by DSA]. Would also like to implement Live Streaming soon.
  8. OTHER VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES: We can always use additional help at meetings for a) setup and teardown for meeting, b) assistance with book/DVD sales and with manning other exhibits, c) assistance with audio/video equipment used at meeting, and d) providing and serving refreshments at meeting.
  9. CHURCH STRATEGY: Develop a strategy for addressing the needs of the believers in churches with an interest in Apologetics. It would be good to develop liaisons with local church leaders to improve AFSC meeting publicity.
  10. PASTOR STRATEGY: Develop a strategy for reaching pastors, especially youth pastors and leaders, so that they understand the important need for Apologetics training and teaching in their churches to help stem the stepping away from the faith experienced by many who are being indoctrinated in Evolution and Secularism outside the church.
  11. HOME SCHOOL STRATEGY: Develop a strategy for addressing the needs of the home school groups with an interest in Apologetics.
  12. CHRISTIAN SCHOOL STRATEGY: Develop a strategy for addressing the needs of the Christian school students with an interest in Apologetics.
  13. COLLEGE STRATEGY:  Develop a strategy for addressing the needs of the believers in local colleges with an interest in Apologetics.
  14. ADULT STRATEGY: Develop a strategy for addressing the needs of adults (parents, grandparents) with an interest in Apologetics, partly for the sake of their children.
  15. CHILDCARE: Determine the need for childcare and implement a solution if needed.
  16. LENDING LIBRARY: Set up procedures for the operation of a lending library of books and DVD. Initially this will include books and DVD’s in Lycklama’s library.
  17. DEVELOP AN INTERN PROGRAM: Define and design an “Intern Program” that would seek to develop skill sets for volunteers in such areas as IT, web design, audio/video recording, social media, field trips, photography, publicity, public relations, etc. that would enhance and expand the services offered by AFSC.

We are interested in volunteers who can help with some of the various tasks identified above. If you, or someone you know, have an interest in volunteering for some of these tasks, please email Heinz at heinz@osta.com or call him at 425-501-5075.

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