Design – Links to collections of information on God’s designs in creation that confirm the truth of Scripture.

  • AIIA Institute has many articles that show design in nature as evidence for supernatural intelligence.
  • Answers In Genesis (AIG) lists many topics on design in nature.
  • Creation Ministries International (CMI) has many articles on design including scientists copying natural designs, alleged bad designs, flight, adhesives, colors patterns and camouflage, locomotion, navigation, engineered materials, optics and sight, acoustics and hearing, energy, irreducibly complex mechanisms, and symbiosis.
  • Creation Moments has many articles on design including genetics, life, nature, mutation, DNA, and origins.
  • Creation Science 4 Kids has articles on God’s design in creation written by a home-schooling mother and is presented on a student level.
  • Discovery of Design highlights practical designs placed in nature by the Creator for our benefit. Study science to search out the Creator’s secrets. Hover your mouse pointer over Design Examples; also click on other topics.
  • Institute for Creation Research (ICR) provides information on God’s designs.
  • NW Creation Network presents several articles on design.
  • The Creation Club is a place for biblical creationists to share and learn about design featureshuman design, and nature.

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