Biology – Links to collections of information on biology that confirms the truth of Scripture on various Apologetics on websites.

  • Access Research Network has an introduction to molecular machines and irreducible complexity, graphics comparing creation and evolution, flagellum animations and movies, and an index of illustrations, graphics, and animations.
  • AIIA Institute has many articles that show the accuracy of the biblical account.
  • Answers In Genesis (AIG) lists many topics that provide evidence from biology that supports the Bible including animals in general, the molecular clock, genetics, and the human body.
  • Ask John Mackay the Creation Guy answers creation questions on biology.
  • Bible Science Forum presents topics on biology from a creation perspective.
  • Christian Answers has a question and answer format that provides explanations of biology topics.
  • Conservapedia gives basic information on biology with links to several sub-topics.
  • Creation Ministries International (CMI) has many articles on biology including origin of life, natural selection, mutations, the created kinds, genetics, genetic entropy, vestigial organs and junk DNA, homology and embryology, and the impossibility of Darwinian evolution.
  • Creation Moments has articles on biology, oceanographymedicine, and psychology.
  • Creation Science 4 Kids has biology articles written by a home-schooling mother and is presented on a student level.
  • Creation Studies Institute has many articles on life science.
  • Creationism presents discussion and articles on biology and mutations.
  • CreationWiki describes how biology is an important creation science discipline that substantiates the Bible as a valid historical document, and the Biblical chronology as accurate time-line.
  • Got Questions Ministries provides answers to many topics in biology.
  • Institute for Creation Research (ICR) provides information on life sciences of botany, genetics, human body, microbiology, origin of life, problems with evolution, and zoology.
  • NW Creation Network presents several articles on creation biology including many sub-topics.
  • The Creation Club is a place for biblical creationists to share and learn about biology and animals.

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