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“Does Science Confirm Creation” by Dr. Heinz Lycklama – September 27th, 2013 @ Atonement Free Lutheran Church
Sep 27 @ 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm

Does Science Confirm Creation?

AFSC Meeting on September 27th – The first meeting of the Forum was held on Friday, September 27th at 7:00 PM at the Atonement Free Lutheran Church in Arlington, WA with more than 75 people in attendance. Dr. Heinz Lycklama spoke on the topic “Does Science Confirm Creation?” A description of the lecture follows.

The world characterizes the controversy between Creation and Evolution as a conflict between religion and science – it is actually a conflict between two different worldviews. Come and find out why. We show how the famous Lucy fossil was falsely made to look like a transitional fossil. What happened to Neanderthal? New find – Ardi?

When we look at scientific evidence in three different areas of science: 1) taxonomy, 2) origin of man, and 3) origin of life, we conclude that science supports Creation much better than Evolution. Come and find out how. There will be time for Q&A after the lecture.

Refreshments provided.

Dr. Heinz Lycklama earned a Ph. D. degree in Nuclear Physics from McMaster University in Heinz 4Canada and has worked in the telecommunications and computer software industries for over forty years. He has taught through many books of the Bible and has served as member and Chairman of various Missions Committees as well as Elder/Deacon Boards. Challenged in his Christian faith by what he was taught in university in the 1960’s, Heinz later developed a series of lectures on Creation vs. Evolution and Christian Apologetics over the years and presented the material in Sunday school classes, to college students, during church services, at Bible Schools, and other venues in Europe, Asia, Africa and North America. With his knowledge of the Bible and science, he has continued to develop and present new material in these subject areas. More on Dr. Lycklama & his lectures at Public announcements of the meeting appeared in the local newspapers – the Everett Herald on September 21, the Marysville Globe on September 24, and the Arlington Times on September 25. The lecture was recorded and is available on the AFSC website here. Powerpoint slides used for lecture can be downloaded here. Recorded lecture can be found here. Recorded Q&A after lecture can be found here.

Meeting Documents:

“The Wonders of the Cell” by Chris Ashcraft – October 25th, 2013 @ Atonement Free Lutheran Church
Oct 25 @ 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm

AFSC Meeting on October 25th – The second meeting of the Forum was held on Friday, October 25th at 7:00 PM at the Atonement Free Lutheran Church in Arlington, WA with more than 160 people in attendance. Chris Ashcraft, a Christian Educator and Creation Scientist, spoke on the topic “Wonders of the Cell.” A description of the lecture follows.

Cell biology has revealed a microscopic world operating at a level of technological sophistication far beyond anything devised by man. This previously invisible aspect of the creation offers unmistakable evidence of intelligent design through innumerable examples of irreducible and specified complexity. Inside each and every organism reside bio-mechanical systems and molecular machines that Darwin and his contemporaries could never have imagined. Even today, much of what is happening inside cells is still not understood and yet evolutionists hold fast that these remarkable constructs developed without God.

These two contrasting views of the cell provide poignant illustration of how worldviews impact our interpretation of physical evidence. This presentation discusses the cell as it relates to these opposing views and describes some of these important cellular features which offer testimony to the glory of the Creator.

Chris Ashcraft is a Christian educator, creation scientist, and speaker employed as high school science teacher at Cedar Park Christian Schools where he provides instruction in Biology, Chemistry, Human Anatomy and Physiology, and Life Science. [See for more details.]

Chris speaks regularly at churches, Christian schools, teacher conventions, and creation organizations. He is the founder of the Northwest Creation Network ministry and theCreationWiki internet encyclopedia where he serves as senior administrator. He is also the organizer of the annual Seattle Creation Conference.

The lecture was recorded and is available on the AFSC website here.

  •     Powerpoint slides used for a similar lecture can be downloaded from here.
  •     Recorded lecture can be found here.
  •     Recorded Q&A after lecture can be found here.

Meeting Documents:

  1. Meeting Flyer
  2. Meeting Bulletin Insert
“The Heavens Declare the Glory of God” by Spike Psarris – November 22nd, 2013 @ Atonement Free Lutheran Church
Nov 22 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

The Heavens Declare the Glory of God

AFSC Meeting on November 22nd – The third meeting of the Forum was held on Friday, November 22nd at 7:00 PM at the Atonement Free Lutheran Church in Arlington, WA with about 190 people in attendanceSpike Psarris, an engineer and physicist, spoke on the topic “Creation Astronomy.” The Email Announcement for the meeting can be found here. A description of the lecture follows.

We’ve all admired the beauty of the night sky. Secular astronomers claim that everything we see in it formed all by itself in a Big Bang event billions of years ago, with no Creator being involved. But the secular model fails to explain the origin of the heavenly bodies, nor the universe within which they exist.

In this presentation, full of beautiful photographs and videos from NASA and other sources, you’ll discover:

  • How planets, stars, and galaxies defy secular origins models
  • How the Universe is consistent with the Creation model instead
  • What the Universe reveals about our Creator

Join us as we explore the heavens, and see how they declare the glory of God.

The speaker, Spike Psarris, has a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering and has done graduate work in Physics. He worked for a number of years as an engineer in the US military space program. He entered that program as an atheist and an evolutionist, and left it as a creationist and a Christian. Today he speaks on creation/evolution, especially as it relates to astronomy, and has published two DVDs on the subject. His website is

Spike presented lectures on astronomy at the annual Seattle Creation Conference in 2013.

Public announcements of the meeting appeared in the local newspapers: the Everett Herald on November 18, the Marysville Globe on November 8, and the Arlington Times on November 8. The lecture was recorded and is available on the AFSC website here.

  •     A video recording of the lecture can be found here.
  •     An audio recording of the lecture was not taken.

Meeting Documents:
    1. Flyer
    2. Bulletin Insert

“Evolution Demolition” by Mark Champneys – December 27th, 2013 @ Atonement Free Lutheran Church
Dec 27 @ 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm

AFSC Meeting on December 27th – The fourth meeting of the Forum was held on Friday, December 27th at 7:00 PM at the Atonement Free Lutheran Church in Arlington, WA. We showed the film on Evolution Demolition produced by Mark Champneys. A description of the film follows.

This documentary film premiered at Missions Fest Seattle 2012 and was produced by Mark Champneys with Saints Alive in Jesus, a counter-cult and apologetics ministry.The film demonstrates that Evolution is impossible according to the many good questions that brilliant evolutionists cannot answerCreation Ministries International (CMI) launched the Question Evolution campaign in 2012 to expose Evolution’s fatal weaknesses, and is building on this with the release of a book and documentary called Evolution’s Achilles’ Heels in early 2014. The Evolution Demolition film points out many of the fatal weaknesses in Evolution using terms and graphics easily understood by the layperson. The film challenges the viewer to ask the basic question – is this fact or speculation? It makes the distinction between micro-evolution and macro-evolution, information and random mutations, accident and purpose, design and chance, and simple and complex organisms to show that Evolution has neverbeen observed, is not occuring now, and indeed cannot happen.

Mark Champneys was born a 5th generation Mormon, the son of an LDS bishop. Now a believer, he is lay Evangelism Director with Saints Alive and a Fair Ministry Coordinator with Child Evangelism Fellowship. He is the producer of the film “Evolution Demolition,” maintains several evangelistic web sites, and as an Evangelism Explosion lay teacher-trainer, has trained missionaries for evangelism.

His website is at

Attendees are encouraged to bring their favorite Christmas dessert to share and to visit the exhibits after the showing of the film.

Meeting Documents:
    1. Meeting Flyer
    2. Meeting Bulletin Insert

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