The Impact of Evolutionism on Ethics – Dr. Heinz Lycklama

October 13, 2017 @ 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm
Westminster Chapel
13646 NE 24th St
Bellevue, WA 98005
Dr. Heinz Lycklama

The Impact of Evolutionism on Ethics

Description: Evolutionism, in supplanting theism, is having a significant impact on our postmodern culture in ethics. We present the results of this and show how the church can combat this today.

The ideas associated with Evolution have consequences and are having an impact on the ethics of our society. The Evolution vs. Creation controversy is not a battle between Science and Religion, but a War of Worldviews. Evolution has a pervasive influence on every aspect of man’s thinking, including his ethics. Darwin removed the theological basis of the moral code of Christianity. We have seen the deadly results of this in the 20th century, and we continue to see the impact in our society on the sanctity of life, racism, morality, rights, family, education, and business ethics today.


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Speaker: Dr. Heinz Lycklama earned a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering Physics (1965) and a Ph. D. degree in experimental Nuclear Physics (1969) from McMaster University in Canada. Since then he has worked in the telecommunications and computer software industries at Bell Telephone Laboratories in NJ and at Interactive Systems Corporation in CA – as an individual contributor and in management positions. In 1992 Dr. Lycklama founded Open Systems Technology Associates (OSTA) to offer his technology management consulting services to various start-ups in the high technology industry. In 2013 Heinz founded the Apologetics Forum to help equip believers in the defense of The Faith.

Being challenged in his Christian faith by what he was taught in university in the 1960’s,  Dr. Lycklama has always maintained an active interest in the Creation vs. Evolution controversy. He has developed a series of lectures on Creation vs. EvolutionChristian Apologetics, and Biblical Worldview over the years and presented the material in Sunday school classes, to college students, during church services, at Bible Schools, and other venues in Europe, Asia, Africa and North America. With his knowledge of the Bible and science, Dr. Lycklama has continued to develop and present new material in these subject areas. Information on his messages and presentations can be found at

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