Creation Tours

Upcoming Creation Tours in 2018

Four Creation Tours (Field Trips) are planned for this summer by Ron Payne.  Each of the Field Trips is one day in length; two of them to the Scablands (lead by Ron Payne), and two to Mount St. Helens (lead by Paul Taylor). Make sure you read the details for each Field Trip in the documents carefully and then sign up for the Field Trip(s) you have an interest in. Signup instructions are included in each of the Field Trip descriptions.

  1. Dry Falls Field Trips to the Scablands in Central Washington state are offered on Saturday, July 21 and Saturday, August 18. Details provided here.
  2. Mt. St. Helens Field Trips to the Mount St. Helens Creation Center and Mount St. Helens are offered on Saturday, July 14 and Saturday, August 11. Details provided here.

Field Trip Documents:

  • Waiver form to be signed by all Field Trip participants for each Field Trip.
  • Flyer to post in church foyers and on school bulletin boards.
  • Announcement Slide for showing in churches and schools.
  • Creation Tours Pictures of the Seven Wonders of Mount St. Helens, and Dry Falls (Missoula Flood Scablands.

More Creation Tours Available

The Apologetics Forum of Snohomish County is encouraging interested parties to take advantage of the many Creation Tours being offered in the Northwest. Participation in these Field Trips will help you see the evidence of God’s Creation, created for our enjoyment. You can find a great selection of Creation Tours being sponsored by Creation organizations in the Northwest here:

  1. Design Science Association – hosts field trips through Creation Encounter.
  2. Creation Encounter in Portland – Leads creation tours in the NW. Sign up for their newsletter for information on tours planned.
  3. Northwest Treasures in Lynnwood, WA –Field Trips and Yellowstone Creation Adventures.
  4. Foundations in Genesis Idaho (FIGI) in Boise, ID – FIGI Field Adventures.
  5. Mount St. Helens Creation CenterField Trips.
  6. Creation Foundations – Creation ScienceScience Adventure Tours/Field Trips.
  7. CreationTrip.comCustom Trips With a Christian Perspective.
  8. Science Adventure Tour Field Trip – Creation field trips by Mark Feinkbiner of  Mark’s Academy of Science in Richland, WA.
  9. Canyon Ministries – Grand Canyon Rim Tours with Tom Vail and other guides.
  10. Grand Canyon Rim Tour & Rafting Trip – hosted by Eric Hovind and Russ Miller.
  11. Answers in GenesisGrand Canyon Raft Trips.
  12. Compass InternationalGrand Canyon Tour & Raft Trips.
  13. Creation Network is in the process of building a national list of Creation Tours/Trips and Creation Museums. Check here for the latest information.



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