Apologetics Forum Speakers Available in May, June, July

There have been some updates in the schedules of the speakers coming to town over the next few months.  The Speaker Availability webpage http://www.apologeticsforum.org/speaker-availability/ has been updated to reflect the changes. The speakers include Mike Riddle, J.D. Mitchell and Rick Deighton. You can find the details of their availability here.

Current Speaker Availability for May, June and July

Mike Riddle, Founder and President of Creation Training Initiative (CTI), will be with us during the weekend of May 18-21. He will be giving at talk on Critical Thinking Skills That Disarm Evolutionists at the Friday, May 19 Apologetics Forum meeting. Details on his availability can be found at the bottom of this webpage: http://www.apologeticsforum.org/event/critical-thinking-skills-that-disarm-evolutionists-mike-riddle/. This includes availability for speaking on Sunday evening.

J.D. Mitchell, Executive Director of the Institute for Creation Science of Oregon, will be with us during the weekend of June 23-24. He will be speaking on Reversing Secularization of the Church at the Friday, June 23 Apologetics Forum meeting and will be available to speak on Saturday morning, June 24. Details on his availability can be found at the bottom of this webpage:

Rick Deighton, an Evangelist with White Fields Overseas Evangelism, will be with us during the weekend of July 27-30. He will give a talk on Monstrous Problems: Awesome God at the Friday, July 28 Apologetics Forum meeting. Details on his availability can be found at the bottom of this webpage:

If you have an interest in having one of these speakers give a message at your church, or know of someone who might have an interest, please call Heinz at 425-501-5075 or email him at heinz@osta.com.

Thanks for your interest in, and support of, Apologetics.

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