Alien Intrusion – Unmasking a Deception

Coming to Theaters Nationwide – Thursday, January 11

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Some people find evangelism difficult, but it’s easy to take your friends to the movies!
Watch Johnny Hunt's endorsement of Alien Intrusion
Watch this video from Pastor Johnny Hunt, former president of the Southern Baptist Convention.
On January 11th, you have a very unique outreach opportunity …

Sci-fi and aliens are the box office’s #1 draw!

The evidence seems overwhelming that somethingis out there. But what does the Bible, God’s inerrant Word which contains all the answers to life and godliness, have to say about UFOs and aliens?

It’s easy to bring your unsaved family and friends along to see this faith-building movieAlien Intrusion: Unmasking a Deception will be appearing in over 730 theater screens around the country on January 11.

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Watch a clip from Alien Intrusion, plus commentary by Gary Bates
Watch a clip from Alien Intrusion, plus commentary by Gary Bates
Alien Intrusion was a wonderful, enlightening documentary that helped answer many of my questions concerning the UFO phenomenon which permeates our culture. I recommend it highly to those who want to know the real ‘TRUTH’ that’s out there. Pastors and churches will find it a valuable resource in reaching and teaching a Christian perspective on this controversial subject.

— Mitch Lockamy, Senior Pastor, Shiloh Baptist Church, Garner, NC, USA


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